In this introductory program, Norm visits a state-of-the-art “kitchen lab” where a premier hardware manufacturer studies ways to improve function in today’s kitchen. Norm then returns to the shop to take stock of the tools, equipment, and space required to build high-tech custom kitchen cabinets. Next, he begins to show how a typical base cabinet is constructed with the materials and techniques he will use during the build out of the dream kitchen.

To understand how professionals build high-end custom cabinets, Norm pays a visit to a commercial shop where craftsmanship is clearly on display. He learns that many of the same tools and techniques he uses are used here to turn out some glorious examples of kitchen cabinetry.

Back at the New Yankee Workshop, Norm reviews some of the popular door/drawer options that can easily be built in a home workshop and demonstrates how to make raised panel overlay doors. He goes on to build a dovetailed drawer box and a drawer front for the base cabinet he built earlier. He finishes the basics using little more than a table saw, proving how easy it is to build a wall hung cabinet.

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