Norm takes viewers on a special two-part program that explores the usefulness of the table saw. He begins by showing various table saws and what they can do and goes on to describe and demonstrate adjustments to make them more accurate. In the first program, he concentrates on the most common task a table saw will be asked to do: ripping. Norm discusses how to do it safely and accurately. He demonstrates his technique for cutting large panels and shows a safe way to handle narrow stock. He completes show number one by building an ingenious “outfeed” table– so clever every saw owner will want one.

In the second part of Table Saw 101, Norm goes on to demonstrate dadoing, setting up stacked dado cutters, the making of rabbets, and the building of a sacrificial fence. Then he turns to evaluating miter gauges and shows how they may be used to make precision miters. He demonstrates the process of making accurate tenons with a factory-built jig. In the same program, he builds a cross-cut sled and a stop block that extends any table saw’s potential.

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