A measured drawing is a technical drawing that communicates how an object is put together, piece by piece and measurement by measurement. If you follow the measured drawing along with the related video, you should have everything you need (minus the tools) to build the project. Please keep in mind that these plans are digital versions only.
Due to issues regarding copyright and digital formatting, the plans are not available for download. The formats via which the plans are made available help us safeguard this intellectual property.
The easiest way to view your purchased plans is to click on the plan's name, either in the "Order details" screen when you check out (for a measured drawing you have just purchased), or by clicking on "Orders" on your account page and then clicking "Order details" to see your previous purchase. Clicking on your purchased plan's name will take you back to the detail page for that episode and project. Scroll down to see the measured drawing—where there was a preview before, you'll now see the entire plan. You can also access the link to download the Flux Player here: https://4717056.flickrocket.com/player
To see all of the projects that currently have video available, search for "latest video" or "video" in the search box at the top of the page. To watch the video, click on the project you'd like to see. On each project's page, you'll see an image to the left of the description. If you see an image that has a play button (a right-facing triangle inside a circle), click it! The episode will start to play. If the episode for that project is not yet online, you'll see an image of Norm's finished project.
Converting all of the DVDs to online videos will take a long time. Our goal is to convert one season every month. To see which videos have already been converted, use the site search and look for "latest video" or "video".
DVDs are no longer available for purchase. Streaming episodes of The New Yankee Workshop are being made available online and will be ad supported. You can see the different episodes on the individual projects' pages. For projects where video is available, simply click the play button to watch. Want to be able to watch the episodes without being interrupted by ads? Join This Old House Insider; ad-free access to New Yankee Workshop videos is one of the benefits of membership.
The New Yankee Workshop and This Old House have a long history together, as both were originally co-founded by Russell Morash. Currently, This Old House Ventures is managing operations on behalf of New Yankee Workshop.