Yankee Links

Why links? Here's a place on our web-site where you can go to find our suppliers. While we do not endorse any product we thought you would like to have an easy way to find those products that have been used here. If you cannot find a product on this links page it could be for either of two reasons. We haven't used it or we've used it and don't think it measures up to our standards.
These folks designed and installed our dust collection system. We use it every day and it has been effective in removing dust and chips. Ask for Curt....he's great.
Our good friends at Atlantic Plywood can always find us the best traditional and innovative new products for the professional cabinet maker. They were wonderful partners on the "Dream Kitchen" mini series.
The red handled clamps and many of the other special clamps (like the Vise-like clamp) you see us use here were made by Bessey.
For many years our favorite rip fence on our table saw. We still use their adjustable stop extentions on our chop saw.
These are the good folks that make the soft close drawer slides used in the recent kitchen project.
A Vermont company that makes ready-to-finish table legs, bun feet, columns, bedposts, and base kits. Matt’s design talent and woodworking knowledge make his catalog and website a great resource.
They supply our bisquit jointer as well as the glue bottle and duplex hinges about which so many of you have written to us. The US supplier is Colonial Saw.
Formerly, our national underwriter and maker of the Unisaw, jointer, sanding center, drill press, radial arm saw, band saw,and numerous other accessories we use every day.
A good source for tools online.
A useful woodworking magazine with sources for lumber and tools.
Gary Sullivan is a hard working Antiques purveyor who has helped us locate difficult to find items for Norm to study.
We owe so much to the Shakers for their designs and traditions and now to the good folks at Hancock who are preserving those traditions. Pay them a visit.
One of the places we get our river recovered cypress. They hunt for logs that fell off the raft on a trip to the saw mill a hundred years ago and when they find them they dry them out and turn the lumber into wood for woodworkers.
Excellent drawer slides and cabinet hinges. Expensive but they really do work.
They make our re-saw and have supplied drills and the compound mitre saw we used in the Garage Workshop.
Makers of fine reproduction hardware since 1936.
Jack Rabbit makes the combo drill-counter-sink-driver we use around here every day. It's a real tool, not an afterthought.
Virginia was a southern center for fine furniture making in colonial times. Kenmore Plantation, in Fredericksburg, has a wonderful collection of Virginia-made pieces from the middle 1700s.
When it came time (no pun intended) for Norm to create his Tall Case Mission Style Clock, we turned to our friends at Klockit to supply the works. They responded by matching Norm's handsome oak case with an elegant sounding imported clock mechanism that keeps good time and sounds just right.
Maker of one of our dovetailing jigs. Excellent book of instructions. We particularly like the fact that this jig can be adjusted to accommodate varying spacing.
Alan Kline is the ladder king. He provides all our ladders. Has everything on which to get high.
Determined proponent of square drive fasteners. Good catalog.
Once you use the EB-3 miter gauge you will agree it is absolutely indispensable.
These lovely people have helped us understand the tools and raw materials needed to produce punched tin/copper projects.
A great resource for active woodworkers.
Formerly, our national underwriter who provided most of the portable hand power tools we use in the shop every day.
For sales and support for the Swedish made TORMEK water cooled sharpening system.
The biggest, the heaviest, the most expensive, and the most envied tool in the shop. Our wide belt sander is a prize.
To produce custom molding for our projects we use (and appreciate) the molder/planer machine by Willams and Hussey.
Bill and Sallie Wallick make some handsome Windsor chairs. Both Russ and I have bought examples of their craftsmanship for our own homes and Bill has kindly shown me some of his chair making secrets. Sallie taught us how they are painted. Good people, great chairs. Get to know them.