Corner Table | New Yankee Workshop

Corner Table | New Yankee Workshop

Duration 25m

Norm uses salvaged lumber from a historic Virginia river to make a drop-leaf cover table

Corner Table

This project involves some considerable effort. At the suggestion of a friend who, with his colleagues, is trying to restore a historic river, Norm agrees to paddle a canoe over some rapids in search of some unusual white oak that's been submerged there for nearly 150 years. The oak Norm wants was used as a dam on Virginia's mighty Rappahannock River. Today it sits as a pile of salvage on the river's edge just hoping a woodworker floats by to rescue some of it for furniture projects.

Norm engages Bill Jewell, a local sawyer of historical trees, to prepare this timber for the purpose of making a drop-leaved corner table, which Norm finds at nearby Kenmore House, a noted Fredericksburg mansion that was once owned by George Washington's sister.

After Norm gets the wood to his shop, he spends considerable effort turning it into suitable pieces to make a copy of the original table - including the challenging turned legs that add so much style to this particular piece.

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