Cowboy Sideboard
Wyoming antiques dealer Terry Winchell wants everybody to know about the remarkable work of furniture designer Thomas Molesworth. In the 1930s, from his base in Cody, Wyoming, Molesworth created "Cowboy"-style furnishings made from peeled Douglas fir logs, stretched red leather, and routed out images of Indian teepees, animal tracks, and shooting irons. Dwight Eisenhower was a fan of this particularly distinctive dude ranch furniture, as was Thomas Yawkey (once the owner of Norm's beloved Red Sox). Today, Molesworth is very collectable, as Norm finds out when he visits Winchell at his operation in Jackson Hole. The ultimate New England craftsman brings a little bit of Western sensibility into his Yankee workshop when he decides to takes on a Molesworth-style sideboard for his own collection.
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