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We are thrilled to present weekly streaming episodes and special offers. The staff at The New Yankee Workshop is committed to providing excellent service. Continue to check back for next weeks program & new specials. 

Dough Box #905:

In the 1800s, a dough box provided a warm hiding place for bread dough to rise. When Norm crafts his version of this simple design out of antique pine and adds a hinge to the lid, he turns it into a great-looking, modern-day, chest-on-legs.

July 24: #906 Garden Gate
July 31 : #907 Serving Trays
August 7: #908 Carousel Table
August 14: #909 Seven Drawer Chest

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What's New At The Workshop

Time for a Classic Project - Let Norm Show You How It's Done!

Spring is here at last and the time is right to get back outdoors with these three classic projects from Norm. For a limited time, add the DVD and Measured Drawing from these spring favorites to your collection. The Garden Armchair, Planter Box & Bench and the Outdoor Garden Table are available together now for the special price of $49.90.

The regular price for these three projects is $, only $49.90!

New Yankees At Work

Here is a list of the top selling items based on what other customers are ordering at The New Yankee Workshop as of the past month. Click on the title of the item for additional details and to order.

 1. Item #0602 - Plantation Shutters
If you've priced plantation shutters lately, you know how expensive they can be, costing several hundred dollars per opening. Not surprisingly, Yankee ingenuity and thrift get the better of Norm and he creates some stunning shutters in the workshop...
 2. Item #001 - Garage Workshop

If only I had a workshop like Norm's, I could build anything. Norm puts an end to this common viewer lament when he shows how to turn an average garage bay into a great home workshop. Using common building materials and hardware, he builds all the elements...


We reached a milestone recently when we shipped  a complete set of New Yankee DVDs and Measured Drawings, all 210 of them, to a single customer.  It occurred to us that there may be others out there who would like to have the complete works recorded over the 21 year history of the program. Perhaps for a favorite wood worker, a gift to a favorite public library, a school or just to have in one's personal collection, these New Yankee Programs will never  again  be duplicated.

While not inexpensive at $2,999, bought separately the cost would be twice that and of course we'll pay the shipping (Domestic Only).  Norm has said he'd even be willing to personally autograph 6 color pictures for a buyer of a complete set.