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Measured Drawings
Most projects shown on The New Yankee Workshop has a corresponding measured drawing with all the dimensions you will need to build a replica of Norm's original. These drawings include close-up views of the important details and layouts as well as a major anatomy view of the entire project. A materials list specifying the size and amounts of lumber, sheet-goods, and hardware items is an important part of each plan.

Home Videos
The home videos are faithful replicas of the programs you’ve seen on television. Using these videos as you build your own projects is like having Norm in your own workshop. Watch the videos and you will be able to follow the steps in sequence that Norm used when he built his furniture. This will save you time and eliminate many mistakes. Additionally, you will be seeing a master craftsman using techniques with hand and power tools that you may want to learn yourself. Each video comes with a measured drawing where applicable.


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