Gary Sullivan, an antiques expert and an old friend of The New Yankee Workshop, shows Norm an antique Window Bench probably built in the early 19th century. Although it doesn’t appear to be in good condition with it’s tattered upholstery, Gary tells Norm he wouldn’t consider restoring this “rare” example of what he believes is a “museum quality” bench. “You don’t expect to see more than a handful of these in a lifetime,” he explains to Norm. The simple bench is little more than an upholstered seat with two rolled arms on dark wooden legs. Such benches are meant to be used at a window to frame the view or, perhaps, at the end of a bed to sit and relax. Norm calls upon the experts at Lee Industries, the fine furniture manufacturers, who come up from their base in North Carolina to help Norm upholster his version of the Window Bench. The result is handsome and very comfortable.