Adirondack Trio
In the beginning of The New Yankee Workshop there was the Adirondack Chair (Season 2), a classic design updated by Norm. It became one of the most popular projects he ever did. Later, Norm added an Adirondack Love Seat (Season 14) to his collection, using improved methods and materials. Now, in celebration of the show's twentieth anniversary, Norm builds a chair, a table, and a footrest to complete the set. To add to the fun, Norm invites a friend to build one of these classic chairs alongside the master. Corrections and Additions: 12/30/08 The distance from the front of the Angled leg pattern to the location of the back edge of the lower rear crosspiece should be 19 15/16 in. The length of the Arm is correct but the grid is short by one square. Extending the grid by one square where the sides are parallel will correct the pattern.
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